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Welcome to S-OS: Swift Optimization Solutions, your expert managed service provider in maximizing the performance of Windows devices. From comprehensive tech support to targeted solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, let us optimize your technology for peak efficiency and productivity.

Our dedicated team offers a range of services including generalized tech support, maintenance, hardware problem diagnosis, and tailored solutions. With a special emphasis on the wellness industry, we're committed to ensuring that your devices run smoothly, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.


Exceptional Quality

Hardware Support

Let our professional team optimize and maintain your systems and diagnose your hardware problems.

Application Support

We support a wide range of different applications ranging from office productivity, enterprise resource planning and specialized wellness software. 

Microsoft Windows Support

We provide a full range of tech support services Microsoft Windows 10 and 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022, and for the Microsoft 365 office suite of applications. We can also troubleshoot Exchange, Entra and other M365 cloud services.

Technical Solutions

Do you require assistance with an edge case or unique technical situation? Let us know your needs and our team will work on providing a solution for you or your business.

Education Webinars

Empowering users through education, we provide technical educational services to staff or clientele. Microsoft Windows, Office and other topics that your business needs qualified trainers for.

Business Consultation

Need help establishing the technological infrastructure for your business? We can help! Our team will be happy to learn your needs and requirements and provide you with guidance and implementation.

S-OS Rate

We charge reasonable rates for our technical support services. Invoices are provided directly from our technicians through PayPal.

€80.00 EURO

$88 USD

$120 CAD

$133 AUD

£68 GBP

76 CHF

We have one hour minimum charge, after which we bill by the minute.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us and we can schedule an appointment for a tech support session.

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About Us

As independent technicians, we pride ourselves on being masters of our craft, committed to delivering unparalleled IT services. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a cooperative venture that stands apart in the tech world. We believe in the strength of collaboration, not just among ourselves but with our clients too.

At the heart of Swift Optimization Solutions is a team of dedicated professionals, each an expert in their domain. Our cooperative approach means we pool our knowledge, skills, and resources to solve your IT challenges efficiently and effectively. This synergy not only enhances our capabilities but also fosters a creative and innovative environment where cutting-edge solutions are born.

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